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Article #1: Number 92 Heart-eartH Dragon

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1Article #1: Number 92 Heart-eartH Dragon Empty Article #1: Number 92 Heart-eartH Dragon on Thu Jan 03, 2013 2:11 pm


The effect of Number 92 is as follows:
This card cannot be destroyed by battle. Your opponent takes any Battle Damage you would have taken from battles involving this card. During your opponent's End Phase: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; banish all cards that your opponent Normal Summoned, Special Summoned or Set this turn. When this card is destroyed while it has an Xyz Material: You can Special Summon it from the Graveyard. When you do: It gains 1000 ATK for each card currently banished.

The two ways to special summon Number 92 from the extra deck are as follows:
-XYZ with 3 level 9 monsters
-Special summon using Number 53's effect

His Attack and Defense are 0/0.(sorry kind of put this in as a side note)

Ok so as you can see its a pretty nice effect. Now onto tactics to summon it.
The card has only been on DN for a couple days, and everyone works to special summon it by using number 53's effect. In order for that to work it needs to be destroyed by card effect while it no longer has xyz material on it. Believe it or not that is actually kind of hard because your opponent will do their best to destroy it by battle once it no longer has xyz material.
Following is the pro's and con's of using Number 53's effect to get Number 92:
Gets it onto the field
Doesn't require 3 level 9's(level 9's isn't a very populated group of monsters)
When special summoned this way it only has 1 xyz material, meaning that it either gets to use its effect once OR get ss once destroyed. Only one or the other, not both.
Chances are you have used up alot of resources getting it there, and because it is hindered by only having 1 xyz material, it seems more like a waste of time than actually beneficial.

The less popular method is to actually use 3 level 9's in order to summon Number 92. There are three distinct ways to get this done.

1. This is the easiest way in my opinion to make Number 92. You can use fusion gate with chain material to easily get out 3 level 9 fusion monsters and xyz to make Number 92. If done this way you have the option to use his effect twice and still have material left to fullfil the special summon requirements of his eff. He will then come back with a very good amount of attack because of your banished monsters. The bad part about doing it this way is that your deck will most likely rely on that combo in order to win, and if they manage to get around Number 92 you have wasted all of your resources to get him out, and will most likely lose the duel as a result.

2. You can go the very hard route of getting out 3 level 9 synchro monsters, fusion monsters, or effect monsters. That is not a very consistent or easy way to do it, and just like with the previous method you will use up many of your resources in doing this. Although if done by this method it will once again have the ability to use it's effect twice and still get its special summon.

3. This is in my opinion the moderate route to take if you want to get him out. Using Galaxy Queen's Light you can make the levels of all face-up monsters you currently control the same level as the monster you target with the effect Galaxy Queen's Light. In short all you have to do is get a level 9 and 2 other monsters with levels onto the field and then play Galaxy Queen's Light and target your level 9. This takes up less resources in most cases, and leaves you with a way to bounce back if they do happen to get around your Number 92.

Now I will list the pro's and Con's of getting him out using 3 level 9's to summon Number 92.
You get to use number 92 to its full potential.
Depending on how you set up your deck it is a very nice win condition to use.
If used in the right deck, even using method 3, you can succeed in making it have a very high attack without even using its effect once.
No matter which method you use, you are using plenty of resources, making it somewhat hard to bounce back if they get around Number 92.
Sometimes you can be passing up a win by summoning Number 92 instead of playing the way you normally would.
Your opponent will most likely do EVERYTHING they can to stop you from getting off his effects.

Now that I have covered all of that I will make a small list of the decks I have used to summon Number 92. Please note that I have gotten Number 92 out using all of the ways mentioned above, but the decks I list will be the ones that I have found it easiest to use to bring out Number 92. They all use the Galaxy Queen's Light method.
1. Gem-Knights
2. Psychics
3. X-sabers
4. Jurracs
Yes all of the above listed decks can get him out using the galaxy queen's light method, and still be able to bounce back(in most cases) if Number 92 does not work out.

Onto the last part of this article; a couple strengths and weaknesses of Number 92.
Strengths(not mentioned above):
If brought out using decks that banish cards in your graveyard for effects Number 92's attack will be higher when he is special summoned than if the only cards banished were banished by his effect.
If you use Safe Zone with him he is harder for your opponent to get around, and will almost always get his special summon effect if you play him correctly.

Weaknesses(if you need to beat him):
He cannot be destroyed by battle, and you normally don't want to destroy him by card effect, but cards like Compulsory evacuation device and Dimensional Prison will remove him from the field without him getting his special summon effect.
Skill Drain is highly capable of stopping Number 92, and will allow you to do a good amount of damage.
Fiendish chain will avoid all of the trouble you can have with number 92, having the same effect of Photoknight Paladius.
By not setting or summoning anything you are normally protecting yourself, because he can't banish your cards if you don't. Instead wait until you have a play to stop him. A couple cards I know can stop him, although they are not all of them, are Photoknight Paladius and Shock Master.
Once your opponent has used the effect twice they are going to be hesitant to use the effect a 3rd time because they are most likely hoping to get its special summon effect, so once you've lured out the effect twice you should be safe enough to set-up for a play for your next turn to take him down, if you can't do it in one turn.

2Article #1: Number 92 Heart-eartH Dragon Empty Re: Article #1: Number 92 Heart-eartH Dragon on Thu Jan 03, 2013 3:36 pm

Hokage Rune

Hokage Rune
Nice little article very informative


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