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Tournament Rules

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1Tournament Rules Empty Tournament Rules on Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:12 am

Hokage Rune

Hokage Rune
Tournament Rules

Guys anyone can host unofficial tournaments meaning you wont get rewarded any Champion points unless you bet them yourselves and also if you guys host unofficial tournament you must post it in your in your dorm section with the rules and stuff. Ex: if its just a slifer tournament or if its open to the public.

Official tournaments will be hosted by of the staff members like mostly the teachers, mods, and admins.

CDA Regionals
CDA Regionals are a new setup of online tournaments like real life regionals. They're of pure 5-6 swiss rounds where number of participants is also around 32 duelists. They're hosted once each two months with the most updated dueling engine be representing the real life meta.
- Format's Banlist
-1st place will be awarded 200 points
-2nd place will be awarded 150 points
-3nd and 4th place will be awarded 100 points
- 5-6 Pure Swiss Rounds

Is a mixture of both based on the real life YCS which starts with 5-6 Swiss round tournaments depending on number of participants and the top eight will pass to compete in a top 8 elimination round.
It's hosted once after each banlist with number of duelists not less than 50 duelists
- Format's Banlist
- 5-6 Pure Swiss Rounds.
- Winner chance to move up dorms 1st place will be awarded 400 points
-2nd place will be awarded 300 points
-3nd and 4th place will be awarded 150 points

DA Nationals
This is coming soon where it's guranteed that only great duelists are allowed to participate. Members who won academy's events are the only ones allowed to join (Year's Regionals Top 4 & Year's YCS Top eight)
It'll be Single Elimination event.


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