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Academy Classroom Rules and Information

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1Academy Classroom Rules and Information Empty Academy Classroom Rules and Information on Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:38 pm

Hokage Rune

Hokage Rune
The academy classroom rules and information

The classroom is a special section of academy where duelists can brushing up there knowledge on yugioh with the tips and lesson that the teachers leave.

Lessons can be anything related to yugioh. For example it can be a duel situation where you have to know certain rulings of cards and you would like your students to learn about.

Rules for Teachers

Teachers, Administrators, Moderators will just monitoring the discussion
-Topics/Lessons must contain material that is yugioh related.
-Topics/Lessons must be in such a form that they force interaction.
-Topics must be titled as "Lesson #" or "Tip #" where # is the number of lesson or tip.
-Topics/Lessons must have a good description so that the members who browse Classroom section don't have to open each Lesson to find something they need
-Teachers together must keep always at least one Topic/Lesson active, if they happen to be busy, they need to inform other Staff to take care of it until they come back.

Rules for Students

-Students are allowed only to reply on Topics/Lessons.
-Students have to listen to the Teachers and not complain.
-Students may ask questions in the classroom or ask them in the thread.


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