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Mods and Teachers roles

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1Mods and Teachers roles Empty Mods and Teachers roles on Fri Dec 28, 2012 6:24 pm

Hokage Rune

Hokage Rune
This is made for those who dont know the role of the moderator and teachers. mods name are orange and teachers names are green and they are here to helps things go smoothly through here, also helps with thinking of ideas, each have certain jobs given by me. so do respect these guys our risk getting banned
they will be doing the following:

-keeping things in order
-Hosting tourney
-enforcing comment and post on new or old topics
-Topics/Lessons must contain material that is yugioh related.
-Topics/Lessons must be in such a form that they force interaction.
-Topics must be titled as "Lesson #" or "Tip #" where # is the number of lesson or tip.
-Topics/Lessons must have a good description so that the members who browse Classroom section don't have to open each Lesson to find something they need
-Teachers together must keep always at least one Topic/Lesson active, if they happen to be busy, they need to inform other Staff to take care of it until they come back.


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Are you posting a point system soon cause we kind of need that ^^;

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